Signs II

Some signs I saw recently

At a subway station in Japan. I think the whole car was reserved for women.

Stairs at Osaka Castle in Japan

At our hotel in Guilin, China

At a Lebanese restaurant in Japan

At the Osaka Castle museum






Today in Kyoto it was 25°C and overcast

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign!

Gas station near Guilin, China. She had friend’s too.

Zoos in Asia are always depressing. The animals are underfed and kept in enclosures far too small for them and inadequately landscaped. Most of the times the animal is in an empty cage with a concrete floor. However, some animals are smart enough to amuse themselves. Below is a sign warning people of all nationalities to watch out for the Tapir.

Tapir pen at Kyoto Zoo, Japan

Everyone around the world has heard how Asian’s are so smart, especially the Hong Konger’s whom have been British educated. Apparently even their dogs can read and are very proper.

Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong.

Who hasn’t seen a warning sign in an elevator? Here is one from Japan because their dogs aren’t as smart as Hong Kong dogs.

Elevator in Kyoto, Japan

Here is a tourist in China, this time following the sign advice, for whatever it is worth.

 Stairwell in a pagoda, Guilin, China.

Confuscius says