Shanghai Community Services

Today in Guangzhou it is 14C with a predicted high of 22CWhen we were in Shanghai, we walked upon a park where the community was holding a fair for senior citizens.  There were all sorts of free services that the seniors could enjoy. Apparently, this fair is held once a month. Watch repair.Blood pressure testing.Umbrella repair.Ear cleaning.Knife sharpening.

Everyone there seemed to be having a great time. What a wonderful way for people to get together, catch up on what is happening in each others lives and enjoy the day.


French Concession

French Concession in Shanghai

Notice in the photo below that the trees do not have any bark and that there are clothes hanging out over the street on horizontal poles.

The French Concession in Shanghai is beautiful. The buildings are low level and there are tons of quaint shops. The roads go all over the place so it is easy to get lost. We heard French spoken on the street and saw a lot of French lanaguage signs on stores.

But what struck me the most here was the large number of white people on the streets. I have never seen so many white people in one place since leaving Canada 0ver 90 days ago.

I am glad we don’t live here. Life would be too easy and it is kind of nice being the star white boy back in the TianHe district in Guangzhou.