YangShuo, China

Some photos from our trip to Yang Shuo in early May.

A trip down the river Li from Guilin to Yang Shuo. We saw marvelous limestone mountains and had lunch on the boat. The boat docked in Yang Shuo where we spent 2 nights.

Our hotel was at the corner of an extremely busy tourist street. My sister-in-law ended up being the favourite prey of street vendors that hounded her until she would buy something. Like sharks to the smell of blood, instead of getting rid of the vendor, the sale only encouraged more to her pocket book. Unfortunately, Dom’s heart is bigger than her wallet.

This photo is right outside our hotel looking down towards the dock.

I have mixed feelings about this photo of kid street vendors. My first reaction is that they should be at home doing homework or relaxing. My other reaction is that they are learning money and negotiation skills. They know that the price of an item is not on the tag or in the materials it was built with, but is what the buyer feels it is worth to them. These kids don’t sell smoothies for one day at lunch time at school for their business summative, they live and learn it every night in the real world.

Maybe they will end up as street vendors for the rest of their lives. Maybe in the future, one of them will own a store or a hotel. One thing is certain, they are learning more here than at home playing Xbox. Hopefully they get home early enough for a good nights sleep.

We went to a village and watched a cormorant fisherman, one of only 7 left in China. The birds are trained to catch fish and bring them back to their master. I think I will use this technique on my next Kipawa trip. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

In this photo, the cormorant has swam back to the raft and the master is pulling the fish out of his gullet.

We also took a bamboo ride down a river that lasted for almost 2 hours. I wish I had had my fishing rod or some cormorants.

We also visited a humongous cave that took a good 45 minutes to walk through. The most fun was the mud bath afterwards. I bought a bathing suit just for this but could have jumped in with my Calvin Kleins, I don’t think anyone would have noticed.