It’s been a rough year part 2


We started off the year with a New Year’s Eve party at our apartment. All the food was typical western stuff like nachos, deviled eggs, potato salad, cold cuts, bread etc. Something totally new for our Chinese guests. The deviled eggs were a hit. I bought 18 beers and finished the night with 17 beers.

We went to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city followed by Hanoi. Maybe our next sabbatical will be in Ho Chi Minh city, it was our favourite trip.

Mr Pu took us to the Flower Festival and the Lantern Festival, as well as out for dinner as usual.

Mr. and Mrs. Pu with Santa Claus and our Christmas tree. Not an easy thing to find in stores in China.

My students take me out to a Karaoke club near campus. A ton of fun. The server thought I was crazy for drinking a cold coke when it was 10C outside.

Water puppet show in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. It was spectacular.

One day boat cruise on the Mekong river. Very informative with so much to see. I took 550 photos.

A rice field along the Mekong river.

Relaxing on the deck of our boat in Halong Bay. Breathtaking views.

Halong Bay

Flower Festival in Guangzhou. People buy flowers for good luck and prosperity.

Lantern festival in Guangzhou. The dragon is made of ceramic plates, the trees are made of cloth.


We went to visit friends in Calcutta, India. Unfortunately, they had some illness in the family so we were not able to spend a lot of time with them. They sent us on an overnight train to Puri, to see the beach and temples. On our last night, our new Indian friend came to us, passport in hand, asking us to bring him to Canada.

From India, we went to Bangkok, Thailand, for a conference. We saw the Reclining Buddha, Jade Buddha and lots of other Buddhas. Between Indian temples and Thailand Buddhas, we were thoroughly enlightened.

On the beach in Puri, they absolutely wanted my picture.

On the road to Jaganauth Temple.

School bus

At the conference in Bangkok, Thailand. These performers put on a dance for us, a very slow dance.

The longest Reclining Buddha in the world. Gold plated.

A tour of the canals in Bangkok. I would end up fishing all day long off my porch.


We stayed home during March, sometimes you have to work, but we still managed to have some fun. One of Liebling’s colleagues visited with her sister. They were hilarious with their fears of traveling. By the end of their 4 weeks in Asia, they were seasoned travelers. We enjoyed many outings in Guangzhou, once again courtesy of our wonderful friend Pu.

Pineapple Festival in Guangzhou. The food was delicious and people watching was great although I think we were the ones being watched. A Mr. Pu outing of course.

Mary and Jo from Canada. When they arrived they had been eating mainly peanut butter sandwiches, they were so afraid of falling ill. When they left, they were eating deep fried shrimp with shell on, most likely cooked in recycled oil. We all had a blast.

Dinner with our friends Lucia, David and the newly baptized Leo. They are now in Vancouver, having immigrated less than 2 weeks ago.

A night at the ballet with Mr. and Mrs. Pu. It was very nice.

Stay tuned for part 3 of our Annus horribilis.


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