Shipping Day

One man working, 3 people watching and 1 taking photos. Just like back home.

Monday was shipping day and what a day it was. A few days earlier we advised the building administration that the elevator would be used for moving the boxes. We were told we could move nothing without our landlord’s permission, we would not even be allowed to remove our suitcases. We called our landlord to discover that his number had been disconnected and no one had any other number. He also had $2,300 CAD of our money as a deposit for the apartment and knew we were moving out around this time.

The street side of our apartment. It was 34C without the humid-ex. This man gladly took the 6 pack of beer I gave away.

Mr. Pu tried in vain to track down the landlord and finally advised us to call the police and file a report. The police would then track down the landlord. Luckily, it did not come to that, the administration finding a number for the mother-in-law after hearing we were on our way down to see them to call in the police.


The mover told us the best boxes were made in Canada. This one will probably be reincarnated into a newspaper in Canada. No happy immigration story for him.


It is amazing the amount of things you can accumulate over a one year period. Most of the stuff was souvenirs we bought to bring back home. They filled 15 boxes, our clothes filled only 2 boxes. We had already given away 4 boxes of crap like dishes, spare bed linens and other things we bought for the apartment but don’t need back home.

These wooden frogs make a “ribbet” sound like a real frog when the wooden stick is moved across the ridges on their back. Guess who bought them.

This is a ceramic pedestal sink which will be installed in our back garden to wash our vegetables and hands before coming into the house. Guess who bought this. Guess who had to lug it home from the other town by bus, metro and foot,a 2 hour journey.

Our friend Holly spent the day with us in case we needed a translator. Even though she is married and has a 15 yo son, you can make her blush by saying the word “sexy”. She was a great friend for Liebling and we hope to see her again one day, hopefully in Canada.

Holly and Liebling at Belly God for a late lunch after the packing.

The boxes are gone and we find ourselves with 7 days to kill.

The man in black did an excellent job at packing and did 80% of the work, the guy in white came in to help finish with an hour left and took all the credit. Some things never change.


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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 20:16:44

    seven days to catch up on your blogs with all the material you have in your pc. You will not have time at home what my visits and Kippewa etc etc I enjoy them so much and I know that you have many more in your files.
    A bientôt


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